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Cricket is the second most favorite game in the world. Started centuries back in England , cricket has spread to the various parts of world and has gained enormous amount of supporters. The game become famous due to its unpredictable nature and the style of game play. A lot of tactics and brain is involved in cricket along with stamina and power. If we consider the Asian countries like India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka etc and many other countries like Australia , West Indies ; cricket is the prime most important game.
Like many other games , cricket has taken its birth in The Great Britan's womb. Along with colonolisation , cricket also spread to different parts of the world.
The game is very beautiful and has strict rules that guide the structure of cricket.

Game Play:
Cricket is played between two teams , each with 11 members. One team bats while other team bowls as well as fields. One member of the fielding side bacomes the Wicket keeper and guards the stumps while another guy bowls the ball towards the stumps. An over in cricket consists of six balls and when an over ends , next bowler starts the new over and so on. The batsman strikes the ball with the bat in his hand to avoid ball to hit the stumps and to score runs. If the hit is enough powerful , he can even score four and six runs when the ball crosses the boundary rope.At a time two players of the batting side is in the crease and they rotate strike while taking singles.

Formats of Cricket:
Over the years , a number of changes occurred in the format of cricket. It started as a game having five days called as " TEST " ; which still holds its style and importance. But as the game was too long , shorter versions of game started appearing. First it was 60 over match which emerged. But later it got reduced to 50 over one day matches. Again the scenario changed and a new version of game appeared ; called " Twenty Twenty ". The idea was a revolution in the modern cricket and is based on 20 over cricket. The game become short and more attractive with large number of sixes flying over the boundaries.Now there are even discussions on making changes in the 50 over format also.

Different Championships:
Cricket is famous for the different trophies that teams compete to win . International Cricket Association ( ICC ) conducts variety of tournaments .ICC Cricket World Cup is the major title among them. It is conducted once in every four years. Then there is Champions Trophy palyed between Test playing nations and even a world cup for Twenty Twenty format. There are many local leagues and cups held by different cricket boards.

Individual Performances:
There are a number of great players that Cricket history has faced and love to talk about." Legends " that is what they call them. Sir Don Bradmann holds the first place who had an amasing 99.97 run average. There were others like Garry Sobbers , Kapil Dev , Wasim Akram , Richards Hardly , Shane Worne , Sunil Gavaskar etc etc . But the modern era of cricket circles around two personalities. Brian Lara and Sachin tendulkar. Sachin being the most effective. He holds almost all the possible cricket records in his name. And the batting genius has got many more years left to acheive many more.

Online Cricket:
As the technology improved and world came to the hands of computer and internet , the need for playing cricket in ground has changed to online gaming. There are many website that provide us supprot to play cricket online. You can play against all those people around the globe and can show them your skills. Online gaming is very entertaining.

Conclusion :
As the modern era goes towards shorter versions of game , one can clearly state that cricket is the game that has gained maximum popularity in this decade.The entertaining changes makes the game more beautiful and the likes of great players like Sachin makes cricket the all time favourite.

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